As a basketball coach (especially in the child and youth space), you have one of the most important and exciting jobs when it comes to the growth of basketball - you'll be teaching habits that will stick with kids for the rest of their lives and whether you like it or not, you'll be setting an example and teaching kid's lessons about life (good and bad).
Kids are impressionable, they pick up everything you do.  
Both ABS and Coaches of all skill and age level have an obligation and responsibility to teach players the right things - in both basketball and life.

Being a great coach will require you to take on many roles such as a mentor, guru, taxi driver, consultant and teacher.  
Coaching basketball gives you an amazing opportunity to make a POSITIVE impact on players lives!  

Our goal at ABS is to encourage volunteer coaches and give them a place where they can become learners of the game and also to share knowledge with other coaches.